Unitbase. What’s the deal?

Keeping camera owners the world over in focus.

Unitbase is a marketplace for camera equipment of all shapes and sizes. 

Whether you’re a professional or amateur, a stills photographer or filmmaker: Unitbase is the marketplace to trade camera equipment and to browse all of the wonderful gadgets that we use to image-make. 

Unitbase is a specialised platform which offers a wide range of equipment and inspiring content exploring specialities from underwater filming to advanced flash lighting setups.

We launched in 2020 to offer photographers and filmmakers a safe, specialised marketplace for the tools they rely on. Marketplaces work better when the buyers, sellers and people running the site care about their products – and we are active technicians in our fields.

Unitbase’s marketplace is designed to be easily accessible as a buyer or seller alike: we all have gear that we’d like to explore, as well as a stack of kit that we’re just not using anymore. 

We welcome buyers and sellers from across the world – Unitbase is a real-name marketplace, and we really value the trust between our members. 

Using your real name online leads to increased trust and encourages cooperation. It also leads to genuine community. To know the people you’re dealing with enhances everyone’s enjoyment. 

Ecological Mission Statement

There is an enormous amount of gear sitting in kit rooms, spare rooms and garages, that can often be challenging to sell: too specialised, too quirky to list on existing platforms. We have created Unitbase to showcase secondhand gear in the most interesting way possible: and in doing so, to stir up the ecosystem and return unused equipment back into circulation.