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Reasons Why You Should Go To a Meeting Room than Hold a Virtual Meeting

Technology is a good idea. Today it is easier to hold a meeting with a client regardless of their location across the globe. Notably, the number of virtual meetings is increasing daily. Both small and medium business is replacing the face-to-face meetups in the meeting room for video conferencing. Also, freelancers are following the same trend. The main benefit of the virtual meeting option is cost efficiency. As you are aware, small business and startups suffer from budget constraints. But is virtual meeting a good idea as a replacement for the boardroom and face-to-face meetings? Of course no. Here are the reasons why:

a)   Internet connection is not a basic requirement

The basic requirement for holding a virtual meeting is a strong internet connection. For a virtual meeting to be a success, both ends must have accessibility to strong internet connectivity that is reliable. Should the internet disconnect in the middle of the meeting, you will have to postpone it which will mean a total waste of time.

In a meeting room, internet connectivity is not a basic requirement. As long as both parties are present, the meeting will progress as usual whether the internet connectivity is faster or slower. Hence, holding a meeting in a rental room helps you to manage time properly without rescheduling any meeting due to technical hitches.

b)  Meeting held in a room attract high attentiveness

 Without any doubt, the productivity of any meeting depends on the attentiveness of the attendants. When holding your meeting in a room, you reduce cases of distraction by rules such as switching off the phones. As such, the members concentrate on the matter being handled in the meeting without any distractions.

There is no replication of the same on the virtual meeting. Given that the participants are in different locations, there is no guarantee that they will concentrate on the discussion throughout the meeting. At a time, they will have a temptation to check their social media pages or receive a phone from a peer. Such scenarios may affect the agendas of the meeting and eventually injure the outcome.

c)   Opportunity to gauge people’s character

The only viable way of learning one’s character is through meeting with them. Meeting rooms provide you with an opportunity to interact with the participants. Through this interaction, you can gauge each person’s character and know their likes and dislike. This aspect is essential for the effective management of your workforce.

The virtual meeting denies you such an opportunity as their no physical interaction. For this reason, a meeting room is a viable option for the business willing to progress and is irreplaceable by any technology.

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